Resonance offers musicians grades 7-12 an opportunity to develop music composition skills through in depth one-on-one and group settings. All aspects of the program are student-centered and are sequenced toward a final spring Capstone Concert that features student compositions and musicians.

"Our kids are naturally curious and creative. The challenge is to help them maintain this curiosity and cultivate their creativity. Resonance is an amazing program that offers students the opportunity to develop and enhance their creative thinking through music composition. My son, Miles, absolutely loved translating his ideas into musical ideas that could be shared with others. He grew so much in just one year and continues to compose and share his ideas with others. I'm very grateful for the excellent teaching taking place at Prairie Music & Arts." --Chris Gleason, Music Educator at Patrick Marsh Middle School.


Creating musical compositions to share with a live audience - achieving unique self-expression


Promoting leadership through student-directed rehearsals.


Celebrating synergy and exploring the value of working with others.


Sharing musical ideas with peers through monthly composer forums and to a live audience at the spring Capstone Concert.

Private Composition Lessons

  • Starts the week of September 30th at Prairie Music & Arts
  • Composer Forums

  • Two (2) two-hour forums are included with the cost of tuition. Forum schedule will be announced in January.
  • Resonance
  • Project Capstone Concert

  • Featuring student compositions and musicians

  • Time and location TBD
  • Tuition:
    MS/HS Program “add on” for current PMA students: Tuition TBD
    MS/HS Program for newly-enrolled MS/HS students: Tuition TBD

    *Note: Tuition must be paid in full at least 48 hours in advance of the first scheduled class. Tuition received after the 48-hour deadline will be subject to a $10 late processing fee.

    For Additional Information Visit: Resonance Webpage

    Registration will be available August 25th, 2019.