What is Piano Progressions?
The Piano Faculty of Prairie Music & Arts is pleased to offer Piano Progressions. The program is designed to unite our pianists within a common set of goals and to celebrate a commitment to learning the piano.  Goals include:
  • Technical Skills - facilitating comfort and ease of playing.
  • Aural Skills - strengthening a deeper understanding of musical patterns and theory.
  • Rhythmic Skills - developing a strong understanding of rhythmic notation and sense of beat.
  • Sight-reading - bolstering a student’s ease of reading and learning repertoire.
  • Composition/Improvisation Skills - encouraging a student’s unique voice and creativity in playing music.
  • Graded Performance Skills  - growing with a student as they move from beginner to advanced.
  • Music Theory - guiding students through a sequential approach for a deep understanding of the music language.
  • Repertoire - exposing students to a wide range of musical styles that creates a well balanced learning experience.

How was the curriculum developed?
  • Previously written curriculum shared by the faculty of the New School for Music Study in Princeton, NJ. We thank them for their collaboration! www.nsmspiano.org.
  • Goals and skills are guided by the Piano Adventures method books by Nancy and Randall Faber and the Royal Conservatory of Music Carnegie Program Celebration Series Perspectives.
  • The unique needs, personalities, and characteristics of our student community and faculty.

Piano Progressions Festival 2018-2019 Activities & Information:
  • All Prairie Music & Arts piano students participate in the week-long festival from March 11-18th. There are no private lessons during the festival week.
  • Students participate in adjudication sessions with PMA faculty in all the above areas.
  • An Honors Recital is held on the Friday of the festival.

For specific questions regarding Piano Progressions, email Festival Coordinator Julie Baskinger at jbaskinger@prairiemusic.org.