Early Childhood Music

NEW curriculum and class structure for 2019. A delightfully engaging and musically rich program for the whole family to enjoy!

*Summer 2019 Registration is now open! Please download the brochure for detailed information regarding our Fall Preview Class!

Summer Accents 2019 Brochure

Summer Accents 2019 Registration

First Steps in Music (Family Class) - Ages 0-4.5

Summer 2019 Session: 3-week Fall Preview class begins August 6th
Class time: Tuesdays 5:00-5:45pm
First Steps in Music is a delightful musical curriculum designed by renowned early childhood educator John Feierabend. In his words, the program guides children to be:
Tunefulhearing tunes in the mind and coordinating the voice to sing those tunes
Beatfulfeeling the pulse of music
Artfulmoving and responding to music in a "feelingful" manner
Children explore music through singing, storytelling, movement, and rhythm instrument play. Parents/Caregiver attends with the child.
Fall 2018 Session: First Steps in Music
Tuition: $168 first child/$120 second child