It’s only days before the premiere of the non-musical version of Les Miserables, but actors are still on script, the stage manager is sick, the set is broken, and there’s only twelve dollars left in the budget! Oh, and the superintendent will be there on  opening night to see if funding for teh drama program should be cut. It’s a director’s nightmare, until the director employs a magic pocket watch to help turn everything around. But can teh watch fix this mess? Dante keeps alternating between a French, British, and Southern accent; Gina decides to pretend to be a door; Lily begins to speak for the baby doll…Will the nightmare ever end?

When: July 10-14 from 6-8pm
Grades: (3-7)
Cast: Approximately 10
Final Show: Friday evening July 14th (approx 40 minutes)
Tuition: $160

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