Caitlin Schmidt grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin where she was actively involved in choir. She earned a Bachelor of Music Education in Choral and General Music from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. While at Oshkosh, she performed in a cappella chamber and jazz ensembles, as well as operas. She has also been involved in community choirs such as the Oshkosh Chamber Singers and the Festival Choir of Madison.

Caitlin currently teaches in the Sun Prairie Area School District as the K-5 music teacher at Eastside Elementary School and the Assistant Musical Director at Patrick Marsh Middle School. She also works as the director of the VSA Choir of Stoughton, which is a choir serving primarily adults with disabilities. She believes that everyone is meant to do great things in our world to contribute to a positive and supportive society in their own way; her personal favorite way is through music.

Caitlin is excited and passionate to share her knowledge with students so that they may grow in their musical abilities to carry on with them in their future. Outside of music, she likes to do yoga, hike, bike, and paint.